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 Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Core Group provides consulting, training, and instruction in the field of Security, Surveillance, Counter Terrorism, Executive Protection, Personal Survival Skills, and Tactical Medicine.  



"Our philosophy is to present only real life lessons learned and or combat proven solutions that will allow our clients and students to become the actors, not re-actors."



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     Situational Awareness



  First things first.  Who are you going to allow into your circle of trust? In order to train at this level, you first need to know the integrity of those people you allow into your inner circle. 



 All of our backgrounds have been vetted by the Federal Government and Nevada State Private Investigators Licensing Board, one of the most toughest states in America to get a license.  We are not only licensed Private Investigators, but Licensed Private Patrolmen, providing security for the last 10 years.





1.) We have real world Investigative / Intelligence / Combat / Security experience.


2.) Our Investigators / Protection Specialists are either Instructors or Graduates of our School. 


3.) They are Israeli trained, and / or former Military, Special Operators, and Law Enforcement experienced.


4.)  They are all Tactical Medics, have been trained in the latest life saving trauma medical procedures.



5.) They are all Emergency Vehicle Operator's, and highly trained in evasive driving maneuvers.


6.)  We have all been tested under duress.





















Member Nevada Society of Professional Investigators.




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Recognized for its performance as a premium service organization.  We are a Minority Owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, that combines integrity and quality to deliver unsurpassed integrated security and protection solutions.






Mobile Security Operator for High Risk Zones: $1999.00. This course is designed to give the student knowledge and skills to successfully handle an PSD (Personal Security Details) protocols, executive protection, tactical shooter and active shooter events. It is designed to spin up already trained personnel an arrangement of basic and advanced security measures in order to reduce the chance of being targeted and increase the chance of successfully dealing with a possible hostile security incident in High Risks Zones around the world. 


This course is heavy on weapons and fighting, as well as a review of PSD operations and lessons learned. We also cover life threatening injuries that require fast medical intervention and is for everybody, and provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver medical care in any combat / natural disaster situation. We emphasize hands-on sessions, realistic scenarios, and is taught by a combat veteran who's done this. This is a review and NOT Driving. This course is 4 days and is scheduled based on requirements. Must have prior military, law enforcement or private security operator experience.


** Companies sending more than 1 person will receive a 10% discount.  There is a military discount as well.  

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Mobile Security Operator:

  • OODA Loop.

  • Observe, Orientate, Decide & Act.  

  • OODA Loop & Leadership responsibilities.  

  • Situational Awareness.

  • Good Protective Driving Skills.

  • Security Advance Party.

  • Surveillance Detection.

  • PSD Convoy mission review.

  • Low Profile.

  • High Profile.

  • Vehicle positions.

  • Arrivals & Departures.

  • 2 Vehicle package.

  • 3 Vehicle package.

  • Personal and Vehicle recommended Equipment.

  • Route Planning.



  • Problems for Hostile Surveillance.  

  • Reacting To surveillance.  

  • Evading Surveillance.

  • Reaction to ambushes.

  • Evasive Mobile Maneuvers.

  • Impact Reduction.

  • Reaction To Imminent Ambush.

  • Vehicle Search.

  • Security Driving.

  • Acceleration sense.

  • Braking sense.

  • Vehicle Placement.

  • Position of mirrors, signals and horns.

  • Effects of Lane Placement.

  • Turns and Curves.

  • This is a review and NOT Driving. 

Weapons (AR-15 / G-17 & AK-47) Training:

  • Basic handgun procedures.

  • Action vs. Reaction.

  • Sight alignment & sight picture.

  • Concealed weapons deployment.

  • Shooting on the move.

  • Shooting while falling back.

  • Shooting while kneeling. 

  • Shooting from the prone position.

  • Shooting on multiple targets.

  • Shooting at moving targets (side, front, diagonal).

  • Shooting while injured and disoriented. 

  • Simulative, instinctive and reactive shooting. 


  • 21' rule force on force engagement.

  • Applications from primary to secondary.

  • Weapons transitions.

  • Shooting from and around cover. 

  • Advanced shooting and moving.

  • Dynamic team weapons bounding. 

  • High stress scenarios.

  • Use of barricades for cover/concealment.

  • Shooting while injured and disoriented.

  • High stress Tactical Shooter scenarios.

  • Bounding drills and communication.

  • VCQB (Vehicle Close Quarters Battle) applications.

  • Off the X and Counter Ambush techniques.

Tactical Medicine:

  • Surviving the first 15 minutes.

  • Circulation, Airway & Breathing.

  • Equipment for your medical kit.

  • Survival Medicine in Wilderness.

  • Our body & circulatory system.

  • Our body & respiratory system.

  • Scene assessment & Triage.

  • Body assessment & HCAPER.

  • Combat & patient reactions.

  • Hands on equipment usage.

  • Rolled gauze & Combat gauze.

  • Israeli bandage & "H" bandage.

  • Hemorrhage management.

  • Quik Clot & hemostatic agents.

  • CAT, SOF, SWAT & NATO tourniquet use.


  • Airway management.

  • OPA & NPA usage.

  • Intubations review & understanding.


  • Open and Closed chest wounds.

  • Needle decompression examples.

  • IED Burn & Blast Injuries.

  • SHOCK review & treatment.

  • Cervical Spine Injuries and Immobilization.

  • CPR & Artificial Respiration.

  • Internal injuries & Impaled objects.

  • Musculo-skeletal Injuries and Splinting.

  • Patient carries & extrication.

  • Carry drills & hot zone carries.

Active Shooters:

  • Active Shooters case studies & profiles.

  • Mindset of the hyper-violent Active Shooter.

  • Rapid threat analysis and acquisition.  

  • 4G / 5G warfare, Mumbai India.

  • Responses to the Active Shooter.

  • Field expedient body armor.

  • Everyday carry tools.

  • Cover & concealment.

  • Pick ups, marking & improvised weapons

  • Multiple target engagements. 

  • Evacuation tactics & techniques.

  • 911, communications, tactics & techniques.

  • Hostage situation & Police procedures.

Defensive Tactics: 

  • Basic hand to hand close fighting techniques.

  • Physical & mental conditioning.

  • Speed, stamina & strength.

  • The human body's pressure points.

  • Thumbs & wrists as the weak link.

  • Hand, wrist & arm locks / breaks.

  • Head, neck & arm takedowns.

  • Joint leveraging & breaks. 

  • Weapons disarm vs. a knife fighter.

  • Weapons disarm vs. a pistol engagement.

  • Weapons disarm vs. a rifle.

Counter Captivity:

  • Releasing from duct tape.

  • Releasing from rope tying.

  • Releasing from handcuffs.

  • Releasing from zip ties.

  • Escaping from captivity.

  • Evasion tactics .

  • Jumping from vehicles.

  • Extraction under fire.

  • Fighting while injured.

IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) review:

  • IED's & Vehicle Inspection.

  • Scanning for various booby traps.

  • Scanning a vehicle for explosives.

  • Scanning a building for booby traps.

  • Use of unconventional explosives.

  • Methods of functioning IED.

  • Methods of Initiation.

  • Main Components of IEDs.

  • Explosively Formed penetrators.

  • Responses to IEDs.

  Hotel Accommodations:  Accommodations are NOT included in the tuition price. We will work with you on finding a Hotel near our range and classrooms if desired. Based on your choice of Hotels we may be able to provide transportation. Any strip or downtown Hotels are not recommended due to traffic and time restrictions. 


  Lunch:  Will be provided and is included in the tuition price, as well as snacks and hydration.


  Recommended Gear:  Notebook, pen and pencil, sunscreen, hydration system, shooting glasses, ear protection, appropriate clothing for seasonal inclement weather (hot, cold, rain or snow), hat, hiking or tactical boots, pants with cargo pockets, shooting gloves, tinted glasses, multi tool, range bag, etc. 


  Background Check: ALL STUDENTS will need to provide some proof of a clean criminal record with NO felony convictions.  Examples would be a "State issued Criminal Records check."  Go to your local police department where you reside or last resided in the United States, request that the police conduct a criminal records search and provide you with a document reflecting that there is no history of a criminal record. Other examples would be a state issued C.C.W. card, weapon registration card, or DD-214.


  Weapons & Ammo:  (Shooting courses only) We do have a limited number of weapons, (i.e. Glock 17, AR-15 & AK-47) available to be reserved on a first come, first register basis, to prospective students. Students must provide 200 rounds of 9mm, 200 rounds of 223 and 60 rounds of 7.62.  This can also be purchased from us at our cost, or shipped to us prior. This is NOT included in the course cost. Approximate ammunition cost is $225.00.


  Curriculum:  Our curriculum is extensive and we persevere to complete all of our goals and objectives, but we also reserve the right to not complete them due to circumstances out of our control.


  Registration Form:  Download Registration here.




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